Tuesday, November 21, 2006

No idea for a title

Goofy Blogger tonight. The program, not me. It loaded 3 copies of each photo instead of just one. Does it somehow think that each picture deserves a second, and third look? That I might forget a comment and need another picture to go with it? Moving on...

DH's socks are done. They are fraternal socks rather than identical. I must've tried them on his feet at least 5 times, trying to get the length correct.

Is it correct?


Not even when he tried it on--over and over--with each time me knitting another couple of rows--is it long enough now?

I guess he was trying it on using the gingerly "don't pull too tight while it's still on the needles. If a needle gets losts, I might get poked with it" method.

When done, he tried them on with a "put on the socks" method. While the method is to be expected, the heel now comes up the side of his leg.

I told him that it would be easy to fix. He figures that they'll shrink in the wash and then they'll be fine.

He forgets Murphy's Law #42: Things only shrink when you DON'T want them to, not when you DO.

I'll keep my needles ready.


First picture of my machine knit afghan. The strips are done. Now all that needs to be done is the sewing together.

(Stop that laughing--I hear you!)

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valéria said...

Hello ruth,

still reading your blog every day and did you hear me??? ;-) perhaps because it was so loud....hihi....

But i'll shut up as i have no courage to let you see any pictures off my work at everything i made until now.

Have to bring my photo's to the developer as i don't have a digital...ehm i have but it will not work with my computer somehow...and i'm very blond so i've put it somewhere and keep on taking my pictures as i did before digital was invented and hee it works also but takes more time.

Ok enough about me and just telling that your socks look great but ehm....ok i'll shut up...

take care,