Saturday, May 13, 2006

This time, I brought 3 projects

Check out my new sock yarn, and the way it's becoming a sock!

I wound it the same day I got home from MDSW, and it's the first thing I knit the next day. This is the adult version of the Sixth Sense 6SoxKAL. It's the group's current project, to be done by the end of May. I don't think I'll make it, but I'm really liking the pattern anyway. Had to rip it out once (but that's so very common for me), but now I think I'm good to go.

Also, the above picture shows my new knitting bag.

The below picture shows my other knitting bag. When I went to DS#1's baseball game yesterday, 2 people asked who's birthday it was. (It didn't help that DD#2 had her own stuff in a bag with a birthday cake pictured on it.) I'm looking like a nice mom, bringing her neglected college son a nice present or two. But nope, that's my knitting.

I'm thinking I might need to switch KIP bags for awhile, or write "Un-birthday" on the outside.

Anyway, these vests are what I've been working on at the games. (DS#2's game was today. And he hit a home run. How 'bout that?)

They're CIC vests, knit out of tapestry wool that I got a bundle of at a thrift store. It's knitting up nicely. Not quite as scratchy as I pictured.

As you can see on the right vest, I ran out of yarn. Fortunately I learned my lesson from last week's "gasp, I have nothing to knit and it's a double header", and brought 3 projects. When I ran out of yarn, I just loaded the stitches onto a scrap, and cast on for vest #2.

A posting I read from earlier this week has already been put to use. It showed how to keep a garter stitch edge from rolling by doing several different options. See pics here.

My right vest used a row of K1 P1 before the st st, and the left vest used triangles. I'm liking the details, and it sure does lay flatter.

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