Saturday, May 13, 2006


I approached this year at MD Sheep and Wool very differently than last. Last year was all about quantity and fun and strolling and no kids and relaxing with a friend.

This year was about being efficient and moving fast and buying quality stuff, then moving on to a baseball game.

We (DD#2 and I) got there before 9:00am, made a mad dash to the Main Building, and bought all my items on my list by 9:45. Had enough money and time that we got in the t-shirt line, ate a funnel cake, and bought a shirt.

Here's my first purchase of laceweight yarn from Morehouse Merino. Lovely stuff. Gonna attempt another shawl for me.

Here's my nice sock yarn from Ellen's Half-pint farm.

Here's my wooly sheep guarding my new spindle.

The only spindle I've used before was made out of a dowel rod and 2 CD's. Hopefully this will work better. I actually chose it by standing next to a couple of spinners who obviously knew what they were doing. One kept exclaiming, "It's still spinning. Look! It's still spinning!" Good enough for me.

Then, since I had finished up my UFO's, and was waiting until after MDSW to start something with my new yarn, I had NOTHING TO KNIT during the DOUBLE HEADER of DS#1's baseball game. What torture!

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