Saturday, December 17, 2005

Wristwarmers to beat the COLD!

Not only was this an exhausting week, but it was a C-O-L-D week at work. At the time when it was in the twenties outside, the door decided not to close. Brrrrr!

That inspired me to pull out my wristwarmers and knit feverishly. (What Christmas knitting???) I got them done on Friday--just in time for 40 degree weather. Ok, I won't complain, because I'm sure that colder weather will be coming back.

Here they are, my diamond wristwarmers. Knit in Wool-ease so I can wear them to work and just say that I'm doing a yarn promotion.

The diamond is an openwork diamond, loosely taken from "Knitting on the Edge". It seems to move around--sometimes it looks to be in the middle of my hand, sometimes it move towards my thumb. One of my many attempts to get this correct I had it further out (by just one stitch), but then it was too far. I give up--they're done and they're warm!

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