Saturday, December 10, 2005

My kingdom for the right-sized needle

I've been spinning my wheels. First I cast on for DS#2's socks, in Opal Rainforest Tiger. I cast on using #2 dpns, like usual.

Not looking too good. Gonna need #1's (and I hope not 0's--that's way too scary). I guess I usually use the cheaper sock yarn that is slightly thicker. When I get to the good stuff, I need to size down.

Thinking that this will take way more time than I have, I switched gears and bought red Wool-ease for his socks (I might make the Tiger socks for me :)

While at basketball practice for DD#2, I cast on.

Yep, the needles were too big.

So....I decided to continue on Rogue for DD#1, which so far has only been the hem. (Check out the yarn tail that is wrapped around a bread tie. Thanks for the tip, "Knitty Gritty"!)

I'm ready to start the front, and have to switch needles sizes.

You guessed it--didn't have them with me, even though I had all these sizes.

Hoping to have better success tonight...

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