Thursday, December 22, 2005


I'm providing these pictures to show that
1) I have finally decorated the tree. No longer are the decorations scattered in all corners of the living room,
2) I continue to knit. (At least on the days where I don't fall asleep on the couch, only to stumble to bed hours later.)

Here's a closeup of our tree. Check out the ball of yarn and needles. It was made last year following a suggestion of the Yarn Harlot's daughter. (You might also notice a Lego guy on the tree. He's not an ornament, but my son seems to think that he and several of his friends belong there.)

This is all the gift knitting that I have left to finish.

These are for DS#2. I can't brag a whole lot, though. They started out being made with Tiger Stripes yarn, but got ditched when I realized that I had to use sz 1's. Then I figured I could make red socks with black heels and toes, but didn't have time to figure out the short rows (I've done short row heels before, but they are a source of frustration to me.) Opted for the heel flap, all-one-color socks.

These made good progress last night at DS's strings concert. While waiting, and waiting, for it to start, I did all of the heel and part of the gusset. After dropping a metal needle (twice!) onto a metal seat, then onto the tile floor whereupon a kid 2 rows up says (loudly), "What was that???", I decided it was best to put them away before the concert began. Three knitting nights until Christmas--plenty of time to finish!

While DS is around me, I've been working on this:

This is Rogue, which has been ripped out and started again, this time ditching the twisted st st in favor of a 1x1 ribbed hem. See the pouch pocket starting to form? I've been showing this to DD#1 every day--Look! I've done 2 more rows! Look at how great it is!! And to her benefit, she is equally excited. To keep that excitement, however, I'd better knit faster and show it less often.

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