Friday, December 23, 2005

Must I wait?

This came in the mail today.

Now, it may not look very impressive, but I happen to know that it's yarn to make this: (You're not imaging things. It's a purple tree with purple decorations that is in DD#2's room. You should see the glow at night!)

However, it's a present for me. Since I know what it is, and who's it for, must I wait to open it? What if the order is wrong? Shouldn't I know that as soon as possible?

You may be asking at this point, "How do you know what it is?"

Well, it's because I ordered it. Just helping out DH, ya know.

He gave me the book "Quick Knits to Wear" for my birthday. When asked what I'd like for Christmas, I replied, "How about some yarn to make this yummy sweater?"

"Well, I wouldn't know what to get," he replied.

"Oh, don't worry, honey," I said, "I'll take care of that detail."

I'm as bad as a kid waiting for Christmas. Really.....must I wait?

In other news, on days where I didn't seem to be knitting much, I was actually working on these:

See those socks nestled in a tree? They're a gift (that has been given) to a good friend.

What? You don't see them? Well, that must be because I forgot to take a picture. Yep, been done for awhile now, thought about a picture about 10 times today, but did I take one? Nope.

The kids and I did a crafty thing tonight. We made snowmen. So cute!

Two days left to finish the red socks. Time to panic a bit. Although, at work today several people were buying yarn. I'd ask if they were planning on making Christmas gifts with it, and occasionally one would say "yes". So there will be plenty of knitting going on in my county tonight!

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