Thursday, October 27, 2005


First, here's a picture of my completed CIC vest.

I went through a couple of looks before settling on this one. An alert reader posted that the yarn I was using can vary in length as much as 10%. So, for a 200 yd. skein, it could vary as much as 20 yards. How is that ok? Aren't there machines that measure the length as it's being wound into skeins?

The problem was solved by using Fisherman's wool for the top bit. May not be extremely pretty, but it'll still be warm.

So here's my dilema: What to work on? Things are piling up and I want to work on them all. There's only so many knitting hours in my day (even less than normal since almost every day this week I've fallen asleep on the couch, only to stumble up to bed hours later.)

Exhibit A: This is a poncho for DD#2 made out of Lionbrand Homespun. Not my favorite yarn, but at least it's not squeaking on the bamboo needles.

This item has my attention because my family can't believe that I can finish this in one week. So....I'm all set to prove them wrong. Except that my attention is diverted by:

Exhibit B:
This is my sentimental favorite. I went to the MD Sheep and Wool Festival with a pregnant friend back in May. At that time I promised her that if she couldn't get this done in time for the baby's arrival, that I would take it over. Well, her due date is in one week, so I have it back.

That's right. It's a kit. The yarn hasn't been wound yet. But it'll knit up fast. (And it's a 6-12 mo. size, so it should be too big right away, right?) This is with Morehouse Merino yarn that my hands are just itching to knit. And she tends to deliver early.

Or should I go with
Exhibit C:

Why could I possibly be drawn to a bunch of non-matching yarn?

Because the CIC vest/challenge will be done on Oct. 31, so all items have to be mailed by then to count. My theory is that somehow I can arrange these oddly colored bits and pieces in a pleasing manner and knit them up on my knitting machine. Maybe I can do two. (If I'm dreaming, why not dream big?)

Or maybe I should do
Exhibit D:

This is just one skein of Fancy Fur yarn. I figure I'll make a skinny scarf and wear it to work.

Maybe I should do this one since it'll be so quick.

And down the road I have committed myself to
Exhibit E:
"Mom, how come you never make anything for me?" says DS#2 who owns 2 pairs of handknit socks, more than the rest of my family. He's been promised another pair.

There's always Exhibit F:
This is an intimidation project that I can't believe I've committed myself to. All I can say is that it involves bright orange yarn and the word "Rogue". Yarn's in the mail (and it can just take it's time!)

Off to knit! (now if I can just keep from falling asleep. :)

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