Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Rating the wrap

On my way to writing a felted wrap pattern, I've made a regular wrap. I need to get the shaping and sizing correct so I know what I'm shooting for.

This one will be closed with aplix, with a version to be closed with buttons, so just ignore the pins. I haven't committed myself to this, as you can see I still have the yarn attached (the last loop is not even held by a pin--I like to live dangerously.)

View of the inside:

View of the outside:

If you click on the pics you can get a closeup view.

Here's my questions so far:

1. The border all around is garter stitch. The increases/decreases help the wrap roll in (I didn't position the wrap that way--I had to fight it to stay open.
I figure there will be some stretching going on as it's used, but does anybody have a gut feeling on whether it'll stretch too much?

2. How's the sizing?
End to end (rise): 13"
across the front top: 8"
across the back top: 12"

I was aiming for a small--and looking at the rise, that doesn't look long enough. So I guess I should make the rise 15". Or 16"?

3. Does it wrap around enough in the front? Do you pull the wool rather tightly when you put on a wrap? I guess when I make the rise longer, I can also make the back to wrap around more of the front...

4. Anything else that you notice?

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