Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New things

I haven't been knitting quite as much lately because I've been painting.

Here's my kitchen before:

Here's proof that the wallpaper was indeed strip-able, even after 15 years:

Here's after:

Lots still to do, but at least the colors are brighter (and I mean BRIGHTER!) and fresh paint makes everything looks so clean!

I've been working on my Amble sock. In the beginning, I followed the written directions, being slightly panicked at the thought of losing my post-it note (placeholder) and not being able to back it up. Things got easier as the pattern emerged. When I got to the heel, I started following the chart (which I've never done before), and it really was easier to follow.

I was mostly done with the gusset when I discovered that I had dropped a stitch. Instead of frogging 6-7 rows (panic, panic), I decided to try unravelling just those stitches and knit it back up.

Here's pic with the stitches unravelled and on a needle. I took the time to put the rest of the stitches on waste yarn (black, which is why you can't see it.)

Here it is with those stitches re-knit.

Another new thing I've learned to do!

1 comment:

Joni said...

Great job, with the kitchen and with fixing the sock! The kitchen looks good, and the sock looks like there was never a problem. :)