Thursday, February 17, 2005


It's the little things that thrill me....

On a trip to Target last night, I found this cute bag--perfect for my travel knitting. Just a regular gift bag, but plastic rather than paper so it's more durable. And a cool bag needed a cool environment to be photographed in, hence DD#1's room. (She'll never notice all the stuff I threw on the floor to take this pic. Shh....don't tell.)

And "check" this out! It's a check file that has 13 pocket with top and bottom expansion--just the perfect size for my dpns and circs.

The burning question of the day: This seems like a small stash of needles to me.....should I go buy more? (Yes, I know, I have 3 WIPs with needles, 4 sets that are in my "use-all-the-time" bag, and a whole roll-up case with my straights. But still.....more is better, right?)

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