Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Caregiver's shawl

Here's the first version of my CIC caregiver's scarf. I'm using an 8 oz. skein of Fisherman's wool, dyed purple in my crockpot with Wilton's icing color in violet. I wanted it variegated anyway, and knew that purple separated easily into reddish purples and blues, so it was quite easy to put the whole skein in and let the dye variegate all by itself.

I knit the body sideways on my knitting machine, the width being determined by where a plastic piece is broken. Too short, so did a couple rows of crochet around the edge. Still too short. In the meantime, this pattern was posted. Ahhh..... Let's just see how that looks in my yarn..... Yep, ripping it out. Hey, it was too small, anyway.

The feather and fan comfort shawl was started on good ole metal straight needles, knowing full well that I had no circs that size, nor anywhere close. I've been using bamboo for quite a while now, but these metals felt quite nice, so today I bought a pair of Boye circs to finish the shawl.

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