Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spin, spin, spun

Remember how much I loved January?  Well, it's continuing into February.  These days of not doing very much have been a lot of fun.  Not only have I been knitting, but I've also been spinning.

I've had singles on my bobbins since June, waiting to be plied.  Finally, I got around to it and plied it together.  Purty, huh?  The Roving was from Pucker Brush farm that I got from MDSW. 

Since I had the spinning wheel out and everything (and what a hard job that was.   Moving the wheel from the corner of the room to the middle.  AND putting a sheet underneath.  PHEW!  I'm exhausted.), I decide to spin up some more.

This is again from MDSW, but from 2010. 

I spun this tighter, and plied it looser, with the idea that it would give me a balanced yarn.  It worked for the blue roving, but this one turned out not-so-good for some reason.    Anyway, it was fun and I'm sure I can make a funky looking hat out of it.

Playing with the collage feature on Picasa.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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