Friday, February 03, 2012

Progress: Forward and Back

Since there have been a gazillion basketball games to attend, I've been working on plain vanilla socks.  They're the most portable and the easiest to knit while watching the action.

These socks are for me.  The yarn is from Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm that I bought a couple of years ago at MDSW.  Bright and cheerful and getting close to done!

For stay-at-home knitting, I've been working on couple of other things.  One is this hat:

It looks done, but alas!  It has been frogged, ready to start again.  See the stitches below?  They are so uneven and BIG and little and BIG and little!  I did the whole hat, and even stretched and washed and blocked it, but the stitches were not even-ing up.  Not no way, not no how.

I was trying to knit with one yarn in my left hand and one in my right, and trapping the floats rather than twisting. I know I've used two handed knitting before, with a finished product at the end, but I guess that plus the long floats was too difficult for me to master. Plus, I never got comfortable doing it. Blech.

Now it's been ripped out and ready to do following my regular method of drop-this-yarn-and-pick-up-that-one. It might actually be more work, but not when I consider having to do it over again.

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