Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer projects finished before the summer ended

Did some finishing around here this week.

First was the pair of purple stretch socks for me. I have made 2 other pairs almost exactly the same, and they have each taken a bit of a second skein. For some reason, this pair took less than a full skein of yarn. I don't think I knit any tighter and they aren't any shorter, so maybe the skein just had a bit more yarn. I don't know, but it was nice to have them turn out that way.

Plain vanilla sock pattern, using 64 sts, 4 rows of 1x1 ribbing, 6 rows of st st before starting the heel,  size 2 dpns and 1 skein of Paton Stretch Sock yarn that was 49 cents!

Then, I have finally finished the swirled pentagon sweater. It was actually finished last weekend, but then I washed it and it took DAYS AND DAYS to dry. My plan is to never spill anything on it (or sweat in it) to minimize the numbers of washings it has to go through.

I've been working on it (when it wasn't in timeout) for so long that I'm not even sure I like it anymore. It's definitely better than when it started out and seems to fit okay. Hopefully once I wear it a time or two I'll feel better about it.

Swirled Pentagon Pullover by Norah Gaughan

5 skeins Knit Picks Simply Cotton Worsted in Wave Heather. (I thought I was cutting it close, but ended up having a whole skein left over!)
Size 8 needles for the body.

Changes and notes: Made short sleeves and left off the turtleneck.
Made a size smaller than what I thought would be right and did the body in the round rather than seaming the front and back together. (Turns out that I knit tighter than I purl and it shows on the finished product. The things one learns after knitting for upteen years!) Used size 6 needles for the pentagons rather than 9s. Left off the last pent. decrease to get rid of the pentagon "point" that was sticking out. The bodice was knit onto the body rather than sewn on when completed. The sleeves were made last and sewn on at the end. I almost made it sleeveless but then it had a triangle shape, and that's bad for me. :)

So, there they are. Two finished projects that can still be worn during the same summer that I orginally intended them to be worn! (If only I could say that about my other UFOs!)

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Denise said...

Love the sweater! You must hate turtlenecks as much as I do. It sure did turn out lovely though.