Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Socks are done!

Believe it or not, it is actually less than 24 hours since I last posted. More than that, the socks are done. I guess I wanted to get done, and therefore that's all I worked on. (Don't look at my dishes or the state of my house.)(Okay, it looks like it usually does. Whatever. I still did a whole lot of knitting.)

Proceed with caution: I just updated the post editor--had totally lost the paragraph breaks and had to browse around the blogger forum to see what to do. Hopefully this won't be a problem...

Also, I have lasagna in the oven, but as I took off the foil I ripped off the top layer which was then dangling down onto the oven rack and burning. So if you smell something burnt...

And, if that's not enough mult-tasking, I have a chair upturned in the dining room, where I need to sit in 19 minutes to eat the lasagna, where I'm winding some yarn that I'm going to reuse from a sweater that had a couple of moth holes... But first I have to finish this post.

But back to the subject. What was the subject?

Oh, yeah, the socks are done.


Hug Me Sock pattern by Terry Liann Morris for Six_Sox_Knitalong. 72 sts in Trekking Sport in a pretty grey. These fit me, but will be heading to Kaz to warm another grad's feet.

The astute among you will notice that I've gotten new sock blockers. Not that I'm actually going to block my socks on a regular basis, but they hold the socks nicely for a picture, don't they? They're from Knitpicks, and since I was ordering my cotton yarn anyway....and needed to reach the $50 free know how it goes.

Nice easy pattern, easy to memorize, and soft and cushy.

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Lynn said...

This is why I hate cleaning too. Takes too much time away from crafting and knitting and gettign caught up on tv and eating lasagna! And you cooked!!!! Hey you have warm socks and warm food. Let somebody else clean up!!! LOL I can totally relate....