Saturday, March 26, 2011

Details, details...

There are a lot of details to finishing a sweater. The hoodie didn't required any sewing of seams, but it did require all of the hiding of the ends.

It took 3 sessions of an hour or more to hid them all. Here's my pile to prove that I did it:

Then I sewed the hood casing around the knitted i-cord. It's my best new idea yet--to knit the i-cord and then sew the casing around it--no threading the cord when I'm done. And, I didn't finish off the end of the i-cord just in case I needed to make it longer or shorter. I even took the time to sew white thread in a basting stitch 6 sts in so I would sew the casing evenly. That is SO worth the extra time. It comes out easily when done and no more guessing whether I was going up or down a stitch and making the casing all wonky.

All that was left was a button...

..and then blocking, which is also done. I'm hoping for some outside pictures later so I can show you it's actually red and not fushia like these pictures suggest.

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