Saturday, March 12, 2011

M4A knitting

All my knitting lately has been for M4A.

One of the orphanages in Kaz has a hockey team and they requested warm hats for the team. The group picked out a pattern and a member donated the yarn and several of us made the hats, or rather, the balaclavas.

Here's DS#2 modelling my finished one:

Navy Blue Bernat yarn that seems very warm--just the thing for playing hockey.

This is sweater version #2 for Tanya (the first being too small and was changed over to Olga).

Red and black stripes, 8 rows each. It's almost to the hem part (I'm just deciding if it's really long enough this time).

And, a pair of socks (or rather, this is the first of a pair). This is the "Hug Me" pattern from SixSoxKAL.

The heel has slowed me down, but as soon as I get past the gusset it will go faster. Thse are for Tagir that has a 10" foot that will be easy to get the right size--that's the size I make for me.

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Lynn said...

Love the projects and congrats to your son. there are a few ppl in blogland who are changing their numbers!