Monday, November 15, 2010


I made another seamless kimono sweater.

--insert photo here--

Oh, that's right, I forgot to take a photo.

Well then, let me describe it (because that's as interesting as a picture). I used the same green and pink Berocco Vintage yarns, this time with a green bodice and a pink and green striped bottom. The sleeves were half green and then pink with 4 green flowers on each sleeve. It worked out well (see the above pic)(nevermind, just take my word for it) and almost completely used up the yarn.

The good news is the sweater reached its baby girl less than 1 month after she was born. Good chance of fitting into it!

In my on-going effort to catch on my UFOs, I've been working on my Faggoting Ribs Sox. You know, the socks that were to be my summer socks that I could wear during the summer. Yes, the summer that is completely over and done.

The socks, while not done, have been making progress.

One is complete, and one is done with the hard part (beading--my first try).

The second sock has really gone much faster. The ribbing is easy to memorize and the beading portion was done within 24 hours.

Yarn: Online supersocke cotton (and that's all I can read--the rest is in a different language. It could be color Sortierung 95. Or color # 1037)
Size 1 dpns
pattern: smaller size (I think I did that by accident since I circled the bigger numbers but then found myself on the smaller size halfway through the first sock. I guess my brain rebelled at casting on 180 sts for the cuff and chose 150 as the easy way out.)

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