Friday, November 19, 2010

Socks and Awards

My summer socks are done! The second sock seemed much easier than the first (even the beading part).

Since they're too late for this summer (even too late for Indian Summer), they can just hang around and anxiously await next summer.

Pattern: Faggotting Ribs Sox from 6SoxKAL
Size: smaller, for my rather large feet. They were done with 60 sts on size 1 dpns and seem to fit just right. The lace makes it looser and I wouldn't want the larger size on the cuff or it would just flop around. (I'm going to have to hid that bunny ear on the toe, though.)

Earlier this week, I attended DD#2's annual fall sports "banquet" (where there's no food.) We were there for 3 hours, 2 and 1/2 of which was just for the field hockey awards. A first-year mom was commenting that she'd like to be home in time for Survivor. Not a chance, I replied. And I was right.

It was a special night, though, remembering a former player on the 25 year anniversary of her untimely death. There was a scholarship set up in her name, one to be given each year since and many of the recipients were there. It was very touching. And the 3 hours didn't seem quite as long as last year. (Maybe I'm getting resigned to the fact that it will last that long whether I want it to or not.)

As always, I came prepared. With a sock.

I did the ribbing at home, but did the rest at the "banquet". In-between pausing to clap or to stretch my hands.

Stripey, stripey. This will a Christmas present. And it's the second sock. And it's still November. Maybe I should get an award?

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valéria said...

Yep you deserve a reward that's for sure :) And love the welcome mat as much as the socks, they're right in time for summer aren't they?? hehehe....I knew you were knitting them for the summer of 2011 :)