Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesdays are for spinning (or for just talking about it)

Not only have I been knitting, but I have been spinning.

I bought a grab bag of mill end rovings from The Sheep Shed Studio awhile back and finally decided to spin it up. (Actually, from looking at the pictures I think it was just a grab bag--full of all sorts of bits and pieces.)

First I separated it into 2 types:

This one:

And that one:

On purpose, I decided to spin it imperfectly (stop that snickering). I was sort of trying for a thick and thin yarn, but that didn't happen. Lets just say that if there was a bump I just left it there.

Here are some singles:

Then here they are plied together.

I tried to ply in a new way: holding one ply in each hand and then joining and twist onto the bobbin. It looks completely uneven, which on a regular bobbin of spun yarn I would hate, but on this it achieves my goal of imperfect.

In a big way.

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Denise said...

I wanted to get one of those grab bags but didnt know what to expect. The yarn looks really great!