Monday, August 23, 2010

Again with the socks (and the snappy title)

I've been taking a break from knitting some socks.

Still hot outside, still have working air conditioning on the inside.

I have a plan (which I hesitate to mention since as soon as I mention it I'll stop following it. But I'm mentioning it anyway....)

I have a plan to knit one pair of socks per each week for M4A until... wait, I don't have an ending date... Maybe until I feel done? I don't know... Must work on this plan some more...

Anyway, these were Week #1's socks:

These are the Lacy Ribs and Cables House socks (Aug. pattern from 6SoxKAL). I used size 6 dpns and red Cascade 220 (and there's a lot leftover).

Nice, easy, fun pattern that makes a pretty sock.

These were Week#2's socks:

They're a mixture of leftover yarns knitted with a brown that I dyed to go with the variegated. 36 sts, size 5 dpns. (I think. I have a jumbled mess on my coffee table right now, but I think that's what I used.)

And here are Week#3's:

Since I'm still on week 3, I'm still in good shape. I have until Sat. to finish them and only half a sock to go.

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ncknitter said...

The Lacy Ribs & Cables socks! The color is beautiful and the wool shows off the pattern so nicely.