Saturday, August 08, 2009

The State of My Knitting

Another week has gone by without blogging. Sigh. It's not even like I've been busy doing any interesting and varied excursions, or even any projects around the house. (My goal was to get a bedroom repainted before school starts. Now we're under the wire with 3 weeks left and no progress to be made. That is, other than putting most of the room's contents out in the living room.)

In an effort to organize my brain ('cause who wants to organize my living room, anyway?), I present to you:

The State of My Knitting.

I've been concentrating mainly on two areas: Charity. And Me.

1. Charity.

CIC has two challenges currently going on. One is for Hands of Help Orphanage in Romania and is collecting 100 hat and mitten sets (or separately to equal 100 sets). These are due sometime in September, but I'm going to mail them soon to get them out of my house.

Here's a rust/brown adult hat that I had done, so I just made mittens to match. Adult sized, and nice and warm.

Same with this set. The hat was done (but the braids were added.) Another adult pair.

The teal White Buffalo yarn just won't go away, so I made another hat, this time knitted with a strand of bland Cascade 220. Adult sized.

The next CIC challenge is a quick one, collecting socks for 2-6 year olds or socks and gloves/hand warmers for 13 and up that will be leaving for Moscow on the 19th. I have a few pairs hanging around, plus I'm trying to knit a pair or two more.

These are Magic 28 on 5s using Bernat felting yarn. So soft.

This is yarn that I dyed that I hope to use for another pair (but the weekend is flying by, so we'll see.)

2. ME! I haven't done much for me lately, but I did buy a skein of stretch yarn this week to hopefully make a pair of footies before the summer ends.

The Mirepoix Bodice has been started. 1x1 ribbing on size 3s. I don't know if I'll ever get to the bodice.

My Cobblestone pullover made out of my very own handspun still sits quietly in the corner. A sleeve has been started, but I'm pretty sure it'll be too big and should be redone. (All 5 rows of it.)

And there it is, the State of My Knitting.

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Lynn said...

Love the projects! I'm trying to finish up a pair of socks to send to Karen as well. My goal was 2 pairs, but one pair will warm at least one child.