Thursday, August 13, 2009


First, in regards to my fingerless mitts, it's actually my own pattern, found on the sidebar as Diamond handwarmers, and listed on Ravelry here.

For knitting this week I have managed to start a new project. Surprised? DD#2 has a sundress that needs a brown shrug, so I showed her how to make her way around Ravelry and told her to find a pattern. This is what she picked, the Easy Lace Shrug by Lion Brand.

For She-who-thinks-wool-is-too-scratchy, I picked out Red Heart Soft that will feel nice to her but also hold up ok (I hope).

This is what I've done so far:

Well, this plus about 18 more rows, but they don't count since they were ripped out at various times. Two things:

1. This "Easy Lace" shrug may be easy in the directions, but I sure have a hard time counting the whole way through. Tinking works much better than frogging for this project (but unfortunately takes a lot longer.)

2. I could follow it better when I realized that the decreases line up in a straight row, so I can know for every 11 stitch repeat if I counted wrong.

DD is loving it so far, so I hope the end result will be worth the effort.

(The seed stitch I managed to do okay. :)


Lynn said...

Thanks for the link!!

valéria said...

It looks just great and sure you'll do it in an ease ;o) The pattern looks a bit like a pomatomatus sock???

Have a great day and sorry about not responding so much.
valeria and take care :o)