Friday, August 21, 2009

Stripes are marching along

I've done this much on the scarf since yesterday. Let's not talk about what else I did, which is (obviously) not much.

I didn't crop the pic this time so you could see a couple of my toes peeking up from the bottom. DD#2 bought new nail polish and needed to paint my toes these wild colors. They look just like Skittles. (Okay, so you can barely see my toes, but I'm NOT doing a closeup of my foot. Just imagine each toe a different color and you get the picture.)

A lot of progress has also been made on DD's shrug.

It knits up as a big rectangle. The, the sleeve cuffs are added.

I got both of those done and then pinned them together and had her try it on.

It's not a good fit.

The cuffs are too tight and the shrug doesn't come around in front to hide spaghetti straps (which is the point so that she can wear her sundress to school).

Before I ditch it completely, I think I'll add a couple of repeats of lace and make the cuff ribbing looser. I'm very doubtful that it will work (since, it will still be a big rectangle, just a looser one), but it's easier than starting over.

But first, I think I'll knit a couple more rows on my scarf.

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Lynn said...

I am LOVING that scarf!!