Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rust socks (and socks!)

Thanks for the complements on DD#2's new smile. She's still very excited and loves her smooth teeth.

Lack of blogging around here lately can be attributed to either
a) I haven't done anything interesting or
b) When I have, I've forgotten to take my camera.

It's kinda nice to have a calm summer. I'm working evenings during the summer to have time to do things with the kids during the daytime.

So far, we've specialized in "sleeping in". And also, "eating junk food". We did have a nice trip to my dad's over the 4th where we went to a family reunion and hung out with family. On our trip, we went to a county fair where the kids experienced what a REAL fair is like, and not like the little one down here. However, I forgot my camera.

Field hockey and softball have been finished up, with a 3 week break before any sports start up again. I've been knitting at all these events, but don't have a lot to show for it. (See the above mentioned "sleeping in" and "eating junk food" that take up the knitting time.)

When last I mentioned knitting, I was working on a coffee bean sock. Well, I finished that sock and finished the matching one. I was on a roll, so I made 2 more pairs.

All socks used Blarney Killowen 4 ply double stranded with size 5 dpns and 36 sts. These are for charity and each pair is a different pattern. (should've made different colored toes as they still look rather similar.)

Coffee bean socks:

Sixth Sense Socks (from the 6 Sox KAL group):

Mossy Ridge Socks (again from the 6 Sox KAL):

This has almost used up my supply of Blarney Killowen 4 ply, so it's time to move on to a different color.

(Gotto go--gonna be late for work. Surprised?)


Lynn said...

We seem to be specializing in sleeping in and junk food as well here! LOL And I haven't done a whole lot of knitting either. I'm blaming the heat, though it hasnt' been as hot as it could be and heat usually doesn't stop my crafting.

valéria said...

So glad I'm not the only one forgetting to make photo's and junk food as well. Son is sleeping in and DH as well if possible but me??nope I sleep not more than 6 hours a night...sigh....