Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Matching mittens

We got rain here yesterday but not at the amusement park--how about that? The kids had fun, DS threw in rehab for the 1st time in over 3 months, and I unloaded the truck. Just like planned.

I also continued with my mittens obsession.

I've been knitting bulky mittens on size 7 needles using an I-cord thumb that never cuts the yarn. There's still a gusset increase but there's no cutting of the yarn so less ends to hide! I need to try an adult pair to see how they fit on me, but so far I'm really liking them!

Yarn: Bernat Felting natural Wool bulky in the "Happy Bouquet" colorway that I absolutely couldn't get a good picture of. Maybe I can get one outside that won't show so much yellow.
Needles: size 7 dpns
Pattern: 28 stitches, 9 stitches for the thumb, and making it up as I go.

Then I made a hat. And had DD#2 try it on. It fits. And the mittens aren't even close to being big enough. I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but trust me, they're a mismatch. (Hat: 80 sts on size 7s that was also tight to knit in the round).

So then, I had to put that one aside and make another hat.

This one is 3x3 ribbing on 8s with 72 sts and the bottom folds up. It's too small for DD, which means it's the right size.

Going through my hat stash, I found all these hats. They've been previously knitted for charity and I think they're just waiting for some matching mittens.

I don't know if I can match all of them, or not, but I'm going to see how far I can get.


Sharon said...

I'm responding to your note on babysweaters. I prefer knitting mittens to hats. Can you tell me what type of yarn and color for the top white hat? And what its weight? What size is the pattern?

Ruth said...

I'm not sure what babysweaters is, but I just made up the pattern. The yarn is worsted weight Chaco wool, which is like Plymouth Galway. The colored yarn was the same yarn just dyed in the microwave. I don't remember the needle size, but the gauge is just over 4.5 sts/in and the bottom measures 16".

valéria said...

An I cord thumb without the need to cut the yarn???please tell me how??? Or is there a blog/site that will let it see???

Love all the things you're making always a joy to see such great items. And glad your son is doing ok with his arm!!