Monday, July 20, 2009

And now....on to mittens!

It's going to be an exciting day. DS#1 is on week #14 of his rehab and today he gets to start throwing. Then, the kids are going to an amusement park, where it's not going to rain even if it looks like that. (We need rain, but not today).

What exciting thing am I doing today? I get to unload the truck at work. Woohoo! Well, at least some of us have an interesting day.

In other news, Lucy, the dog who thinks she's a cat, got a haircut.


DD#1 wanted her to have the traditional cocker spaniel cut. While it's cute, it doesn't really cut down on the rolling tumbleweeds of dog fur that we find everywhere.

This is her favorite position on the floor, and she does none of the typical turning around to get there, she just plops on the floor and stays put.

That means she gets stepped on alot as she's always plopped within a few feet of a human.

In knitting news, I've been working on hat and mitten sets for the new CIC challenge.

They're made with Fisherman's wool in the lovely brown shade. I had a pattern for the mittens (that I can't find a link to). Then, I made a matching hat that will hopefully fit the same kid.

I'm so proud of myself: I actually figured out the gauge of the mittens, figured out the sizing of the mitten to see what size the hat should be, and used a hat calculator to see how many stitches to cast on. (I'll look for the links later. No time now as I have to get ready for the aforementioned truck unloading experience.)

I had some previously knitted hats lying around, so I also made a pair of mittens to match this one:

The yarn was Lion Brand's bulky and not worsted like the hat, but the colors match and so do the sizes (I hope).

This is quite fun to do, and it's amazing at how fast the mittens knit up.

In other news, has anyone tried the KenKen puzzles? They're kinda like Sudoku, but have some math involved. I've just discovered them and it might become a new addiction. Check it out here!

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