Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The last post was the last day that I attempted to reach last week's goals. #1 and 2 were done, #4 and 5 weren't touched, and #3 (getting caught up on laundry) will never happen.

Instead, I made a pair of socks.

I know. I said that I was tired of socks.

What I meant was, I was tired of knitting sockweight socks.

These are different.

They're thick socks, knitted out of 1 strand worsted and 1 strand sock yarn using 36 sts.

Sooooooooooo much different.

Pattern: Plain vanilla, 36 sts 36 rows.
Yarn: 1 strand Fisherman's wool in brown (I love this new shade!) and 1 strand Opal handpainted brown and yellow variegated. I ran out of this, so then I used the Opal tiger stripe yarn for the foot. They seem to go together good enough.
Needles: size 5s for the cuff and size 6s for the rest. (Only because I started them on 5s and it seemed too tight, so I switched to 6s and didn't want to redo a cuff.)

And, when I got done, I cast on for another pair.

Pattern: Coffeebean (it's in my Try a Trio pattern that you can find on the sidebar).
Yarn: Blarney Killowen 4 ply (My dad bought this for me at an auction. It's lovely to have family members on the lookout for good yarn deals!) Using 2 strands throughout.
Needles: size 5 dpns, since they were sitting around from the last pair. (Not that that's anything special. I have about 5 sets of various needles sitting on the coffeetable at any one time.)

P.S. I'm not sure when we've ever had grass this green! There are some advantages to having so much rain!

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valéria said...

Knock knock...ruth are you still there???? Missing you :o)