Thursday, June 04, 2009

Not Groundhog's Day anymore

I've snapped out of the movie "Groundhog Day". Today, instead of the ball game getting canceled due to a late afternoon thunderstorm, we got to sit there in the rain while the kids played for almost 2 hours.

In. the. rain.

I didn't knit since I was too busy holding an umbrella.

At the end of the game, I gave my son the opposite advice than normal. "See that puddle over there? Walk through it please. Okay, now stomp your feet... Look, another puddle."

We had a slight discussion over what he should do about his muddy pants. His brother suggested that he should just take them off which lead to a discussion on what pair of underwear he had on.
Since some of that mud was a direct result from diving back to first on a pick off where he ended up safe, we decided not to embarrass him and wrapped a blanket around him for the trip home. (Where is that blanket, anyway? Is it in the house? Should I wash it or wait until the last game is over?)

Since there was no knitting done, I have nothing to show.

However, you might like to see a picture of our guest. She'll be living with us for the summer while her mommy (aka DD#1) is working in Ocean City for the summer.

This is a dog that thinks she's a cat.

Who likes to sleep on top of the sofa.

Lucy's adjusting pretty well to her summer family. The next thing on the list: a summer haircut.

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