Sunday, May 17, 2009


If you happened to notice that I didn't blog about this year's MD Sheep and Wool Festival, it's because I didn't go. Things just didn't work out right for the weekend so I stayed at home and pouted for a couple of days.

Part of the reason was that I don't really need any more yarn.

I didn't keep that thought in my head for very long, though, as I've since made a couple of purchases.

First, some Sugar'n Cream in the Summer Prints colorway. Just because.

Also, The Mittens for Akkol yahoo group got an excellent deal on wool, both sock yarn and otherwise. It's finally here and is beautiful.

Here's the chunky weight:

10 skeins of a green that is almost grey and will be enough for a sweater.

Here's the sock yarn:

10 skeins of sock yarn will make 10 warm pairs of feet. (I'm eyeballing the purple/orange skein and might need to swap it out with one from my stash. I figure as long as I use 10 skeins to make socks then it should be even.)

Just that same morning I had cast on for a new pair of socks, so I'll finish these first.

I had cast on on Friday and am this far by tonight.

It's an easy pattern that works up quickly.

Pattern: Basketweave Ribbing Socks Pattern
Yarn: brown/yellow with a bit of tan. Unknown maker that I got on ebay.
Needles: dpns size 1.

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Lynn said...

Oh that is some gorgeous sock yarn!!! I esp love the med to dark blues. VERY nice!