Thursday, May 28, 2009

Socks and running out of red

A week ago we bit the bullet and subscribed to a faster internet service. If we had more options we would've done it a long time ago. But, since we're out in "Never-neverland", the options are limited.

Since then, there's a lot of re-learning to do. The biggest is a change of my email address which in turns changes the vast majority of my logins, including the one for blogger. So, I just spent the last 5 minutes trying to remember what was my login/password. I tried several different combinations several times (....maybe I just typed it in wrong...). Finally the lightbulb went on and I looked at the paper that's sitting directly in front of me. Sigh.

Okay, moving on to knitterly things....

The socks are done. Here's a picture that shows the scale (that is, if you know how big my feet are.)

This picture proves that I finished both of them, including weaving in the ends.

Pattern: Basketweave Ribbing Socks Pattern
Yarn: Opal handpainted, brown/yellow with a bit of tan.
Needles: dpns size 1.
80 rows from heel to start of toe. (Why did I count? I guess I use counting as a my method to make sure the socks end up the same length.)
10" foot, 6.5" cuff.

Around the time of MDSW, not only was I pouting, but I also got the urge to get out my spinning wheel. I need to finish the yarn for my Cobblestone sweater so then I can finish knitting it, so then I can wear it. (That's right. I plan to finish knitting it before I wear it.)(I'm nothing if not logical.)

I've been dragging my heels for several reasons, one being this. I think I'm going to run out of red. So, I decided to spin up all the red and ply it with the purple. The body of the sweater is knit up to the armpits (or almost, I still have to try it on.) I'm going to start knitting the sleeves and see how far it takes me. If needed, I'll make a solid purple for the yoke. (I might do that anyway--I'm liking the idea more and more as I think of it.)

So, I spun the yarn, plied it, washed it,'s where I lost my mind for a short while....I spun it in the washer.

For knitted garments, this works well. For a hank of yarn, it creates a big ball of crazy.

For 4 hanks of yarn, it's even crazier.

What was I thinking? I know better. As awful as this looked to me, I was actually able to wind balls that DD#2 then wound into cakes.

Now, maybe I can get up the nerve to start knitting again. I seem to remember something about the gauge and stitch count was different and I'd have to figure out the sleeves when I got to them. That's right. I've been working on this project for two years and I haven't figured out all the steps yet. Maybe some more procrastination is in order.

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