Friday, May 15, 2009

Show and Tell

It's time to show off a few FOs.

First, this is the newborn jacket that was knit for my newborn niece. It was never mailed (delay, delay, find buttons, sew on buttons, delay, delay, too small).

It's another Baby Surprise Jacket in You Nork Mets sock yarn. Even though it was for a girl, the dad is a diehard Mets fan so it would've worked. Now, I'll save it for child #2.

This is what I ended up sending:

Sorry for the crazily brilliant picture. It sounded like a good idea at the time, and I mailed it about 10 minutes after it was taken, so no photo redos.

Pattern: Knitting Pure and Simple Easy baby Cardigan
Needles: size 7's
Yarn: Laines Du Nord Maxi
Colorway: PINK!
Size: 6-9 months, where there is a good chance it's still too big for her. I was aiming for fall and I think it'll be good.

Now that it's finally stopped raining, at least for today, here are a couple of more pictures of the Lucy bag.

It has a long strap and a short strap and are threaded together for the closure.

Pattern: The Lucy Bag from
Needles: size 8 circs and dpns
Yarn: Patons Classic Merino 1 skein grey and 1.5 skeins pink.
Notes: This is the taller bag size using a Fibonacci sequence with the stripes. Bottom is grey, then the rows are:
5G, 1P, 13G, 2P, 8G, 3P, 5G, 5P, 3G, 8P, 2G, 13P, 1G, 13P.

A couple of days after I finished it, I noticed a person walking through my store (not that I own it, but I work at it) with a bag made from the same pattern.

"Hey, I just made the exact same bag!"

She was looking for a skein of pink wool for her mom to make another one, and we didn't have any.

"Er, um, that's because it was on clearance and I bought it all. But I have extra, would you like it?" And she did, and met me another day, and was most grateful. (Not exactly common business practice, but still fun.)

Haven't brought myself to use it yet (it might get wet, it's been raining a lot, you know), but I love it!

Also, I have a new pair of summer socks.

They are made with Paton's stretch sock yarn, using just a little more than one skein. 64 sts, size 2 dpns. Plain vanilla sock pattern.

(Don't look too closely, I didn't shave my legs and there's only so much cropping that I could do.)

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Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders said...

Oooh the pink cardigan is a clear favourite of mine - and I rather like the background. Well done you, you've been ever so industrious!