Monday, December 04, 2006


Hey, Heather E.! I hear you have a project that's not quite turning out and looks vaguely like this:

(Actually, I do too, since those are my afghan strips.... :)

Give me a call, or email me. I don't promise I can fix it, but maybe I can get you back on the right track. (Or I might be able to tie the yarn into really tight knots. It'll most likely be one or the other.)


Is it a bad idea to start a new sweater for me when the teal cardie isn't done and it's in the midst of December? How about if the idea's only in my head and I'll lose it if I don't start soon? How about if I already have all the yarn and don't have to spend any money? (Have I justified myself enough yet?)

Now, if you agree that I can start my sweater, can I use the my new set of knitting needles that I strongly suspect (since I ordered them) that I'm getting for Christmas?

Oh....the temptation......

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