Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ik kan u horen!

Before I discuss today's painstakingly loaded pictures (have I mentioned how I feel about Blogger lately? Not lovin' it so much), I have something to say....

Those who live near or far and think I can't hear you laughing--I SOOOOOOOOO can.

To the one in Texas: "Hey, ya'll. I can hear ya'll laughing. Don't tell me that you muffled your sound with your winter coat, when I doubt that you even have a winter coat, ya'll!"

(Of course, that may not be correct--hasn't there been bad weather there recently? There's been bad weather all over recently--as I can attest. Not because I've experienced it, but because I've been trying to change DS#1's plane reservation in the midst of it. Feeling a bit guilty that I'm tying up the phone lines while stranded passengers are trying to get through--and Somebody must be getting through, since it certainly wasn't me. But needing to get the plane changed so that he's not either a) stranded in FLA over Christmas or b) misses his last final exam that I need to change the reservation for. Finally got through and got it changed, but let me just say...that's one Expensive Final Exam! Where was I.....)

To the one in the Netherlands:
Ik kan u horen!
(Which I hope means "I can hear you!". I'm putting all my trust in an online language traslator since I don't speak a word of Dutch.)
Controle uit Valeria blog.
(Check out Valeria's blog. She promises to post pictures soon. Right, Valeria? Oh, and if she sees flying penguins near Amsterdam--she's going to send them back. And stop drinking wine. Hmmm...)

Niets houdt van een weinig druk.
(Nothing like a bit of pressure.)
(Please tell me I didn't say that your feet were smelly.)

To the ones who live down my street:
Well...nothing. I haven't heard you laughing yet. That may be because you know I'm not above arriving at your house with some afghan strips and demand that you sew them together.... Just sayin'.

(If anyone wondering about my afghan the answer is no. I haven't touched it since. Surprised?)

On to the pictures.....

If you notice the date of this post, it is Dec. 2. I actually took this picture on Dec. 1.

You can notice the following items about the picture:
1. My Christmas tree is up. On Dec. 1 I put the tree up. Applause, please. (This is a big feat. It's up almost 2 weeks earlier than normal. It may be because I bought it in October and it's been sitting in the middle of my family room since.) The lights are already attached, and the branches fold down like an umbrella. The wonders of modern technology.

2. It is in my newly painted dining room. Those driving past will have to look into my windows, through the living room and into the dining room, but trust me, it's up. The walls are painted Ginger Peach (yellow) with the woodwork a pleasing green.

3. My carpet has been ripped up and the plywood floor looks oh-so-lovely. The boxes of wood flooring sit in the middle of my living room (which is why the tree is in the dining room.)

4. At this point I'm thinking it'll be like this until after Christmas because of the water leak under the sliding glass doors. That needs to be fixed before I do the floors. In the meantime? A mess.

My second picture is bags of wool. (This is as close to knitting content as this post will get.)

My dad went to an auction-of-sorts and got this for me. 100% wool from Ireland (we think). The same color in two weights. How great is it when even my dad sees wool yarn and thinks of me!


valéria said...

I heard you ;-)

Diane said...

What a nice dad you have! And the tree looks lovely too.