Sunday, December 10, 2006


Lest you think I haven't been knitting, I want to reassure you that that's mostly what I've been doing.

Not Christmas shopping, or cleaning house, or cooking supper. That will have to change after 2 college-aged kids come home this week. My DH has more than one reason to rejoice in their arrivals. He usually says, about once a day (around suppertime), "thanks SO MUCH, son (or daughter), for coming home.

Sigh. I REALLY need to go grocery shopping. But instead, I knit.

Here's most of a baby sweater, minus the sleeves. Needs to be done by Friday, so there should be plenty of time. Unless, of course, I plan on grocery shopping, cleaning house, Christmas shopping. Oh yeah, and work and do the social studies presentation that's due Thursday...err....assist DD#2 with her SS presentation. And then there's always the pesky "what's for supper" problem. Otherwise, plenty of time.

I'm deep into denial.

In the meantime, here's another pair of diamond handwarmers, just because.

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