Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever lost something, maybe not even realizing that it was lost, only to have it show up a year or two later?

Was it missed? Was there much rejoicing when it was found?


Was it like my recently found object when I thought,

What is this??????

DD#2 was wearing my felted clogs that I made 2 years ago and have worn constantly. She likes to skate around the kitchen floor (if I can figure out how she can do that and clean the floor at the same time, then I'm good to go!) The other day she came up to me and asked what this pin was. It was sticking out of the inside layer of the sole.

Doing a little pulling, I extracted this safety pin that I had used as a stitch marker when I had made them 2 years ago! I had felted them with the pin in between the sole layers, never noticing it, and it was only now working it's way out!

And somehow, amidst the pulling and extracting, I committed myself to making DD her own clogs.

How does this happen?

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valéria said...

Hello Ruth,

don't know how you did it and you're lucky that the safety pin didn't scratch up your floor and you or your daughter.

I've never felted so don't know how you did it and think you should make new ones for you d.d. with cleaning options in them so how about knitting a clog with inserted sponges??? :-p...perhaps a little soap and your d.d. is on her way to become the new cleaning goddess???

take care