Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Somebody stop me

All these pictures have something in common besides
a) they're all of yarn and
b) the yarn is all at my house.

The common factor can be spelled with 4 letters


That's right, there was a sale, and I was weak.

I'm on a couple of email lists that send out sale notices. Very dangerous. If only I keep from looking I'm okay (well, duh!), but if I look....
Well, you can see what happened.

(To justify myself a bit, they were not all bought at once, but...they were bought before the previous skeins were knitted.)

Here's some cones from ebay that I've always wanted to try:

I hope to dye it first, (and soak in hair conditioner--it's not very soft.) This should be a caretaker's shawl or two.

Paton's Classic Merino was bought during a sale at work.

It's a nice yarn to always have around.

Cascade Sierra cotton/wool blend:

I meant to buy 5 skeins of the boysenberry, but during an incredibly slow internet process (I actually left it alone for a day before buying it the next), 2 skeins ran out and got substituted with the green. It was going to be a summer sweater, but now? Dunno.

This ribbon yarn was purchased sight unseen from the same place. Why? It was on sale.

What I'll do with it is unplanned. Maybe a funky scarf or two.

More White Buffalo from ebay:

This purchase was 2 skeins gold and 4 skeins brown. Good yarn for CIC sweaters or such.

Since I got the above, I also got the Paton's Anna thick and thin, just because I could save on shipping.

Finally, here's 4 skeins of Opal yarn I got on ebay:

A previous unknown fact is that my DH would like a pair of wool socks (who knew?). My sock drawer is starting to get full, so it'll be fun to knit for someone else. He gets to pick from these colors.

While all these yarn purchases were fun (and were a good deal. REALLY!), I have enough yarn for awhile. If you catch me purchasing yarn, please stop me!

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