Saturday, October 14, 2006

More handwarmers

As I said in my previous post, I've been fiddling with patterns and such.

I had decided to redo the Diamond Handwarmer pattern so that all the counting is done on the even rounds, and the odd rounds are plain knit. Why I didn't do this the first time, I don't know.... Or rather, I do. I like to do things the hard way.

While I was at it, I made 3 sizes to allow for different weights of yarn.

Check out my pattern here. (It's a pdf file.) There's also a link in the sidebar.

If you try it out, please leave a comment if you find any errors.

Here's a pair I did for me. Idea courtesy of DD#2.

These two pictures were taken right before leaving for work. I may or may not have been late for work. (If you're a co-worker and reading this, let's just say that I cut it close.)

I had to take the picture quickly (and hide in the ends), because I gave the following pair to the knitting teacher at work. Knitting people never seem to get handknit items for themselves. It was fun to give a "just because" gift.

They were knitted from Paton's SWS 70% wool and 30% soy yarn. Lovely and soft. I had to redo one about 4 times and part of the other twice to have enough yarn.


valéria said...

Oh ruth,

they are soooo beautiful!!
And a great gift for christmas also. Thank you so much for the pattern. I'll go to the woolshop tomorow and buy me some christmasy yarn.

I love them!!!

kind regards.

Dorothy said...

Thankis for the updated pattern. I've made quite a few with the other and it's always nice to have "new and improved." Thank you for sharing!

Tarja said...

Thanks for the great pattern, Ruth! I´ve just finished a pair. If you´d like to see a pic, it´s here:
Diamond handwarmers

I used Jaeger Shetland Aran and lightly felted them.
Thanks again from Finland!