Sunday, April 09, 2006

Wild Life

When last we left off with this Opal Rainforest "Tiger" sock yarn, I had decided to make Tiger socks for DS#2 for Christmas. Realizing that
1) It required size 1 dpns and
2) I didn't have size 1 dpns and
3) there's NOOOOO way I have time to get them and knit the socks before Christmas,
I shelved the project for later and knit him a quick pair of red socks out of Wool-ease.

Fast forward a couple of months to where
1) I have bought the dpns and
2) DS no longer needs a pair of socks, so I can make them for ME! seeing that
3) I had originally bought the yarn for me to begin with and
4) I have knit the sock and found that hey! sz 1's aren't as bad as they seem! and
5) I had lots of basketball practices/games to attend,
I have now completed one sock.

It joins the wild life on DD#1's bed. (For the record, I barely disturbed the bed to take a picture. Just moved a couple of pillows around. The jungle cats were already in that corner and I really didn't need that glare and huff when she discovered what I had done. Just saying.....)

I must be on a Wild Life theme, because I also picked up this eyeglass case to embroider. (Yep. Needing the eyeglass case for the new reading glasses. Sigh..... It's not fair having to wear contacts and reading glasses at the same time. I feel the same way as when I first started getting wrinkles and realized that the pimples had yet to go away. I mean, really! Wrinkles AND pimples? Not fair!)

It's been a while since I've done embroidery. Several mistakes have already been made, and been left in, because hey! I'll need my reading glasses to see them!

Dyed a skein of yarn, getting ready for the CIC challenge for April/May. Sweaters and vests!

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