Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I know it's not winter.

While hospital visiting this week, I've managed to finish a couple of items.

First my hat.

"Yes, I know it's not winter."

I've said this to each kid in my house tonight. Even if it's not winter, I can finish a hat, can't I? It matches my scarf with the Saxon braid pattern. I made the top decreases like the pattern on MagKnits.

I used my metal dpns to finish up the top. At least 3 times one slid out and clattered to the floor. "Umm....sorry, honey. Did that wake you?"

The tiger socks are also done. (Ah, tiger socks.) The toe is a bit too long and pointy, but otherwise I love them.

CIC socks are coming along. I found enough yarn to finish the first pair without the creative striping. A second pair is started. (I know it's sweater month....I'll just get to that later....)

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Maureen said...

Love the hat and all the socks too! I have made a similar scrap striped afghan too. With my scraps I have also made a single crocheted log cabin type afghan that came out really cute as well.