Monday, April 10, 2006

Warning! This post mentions acrylic!

Last week our water system went out with a wimper. It needed a new pipe going down the well, and this new storage tank.

(I'm trying to refrain from figuring out how much yarn I could've bought with this money. Let's just say.....many, many, many skeins....)

A couple of good things came about because of it, though.

I got a new faucet in the kitchen (while we're fixing things anyway....).

I have re-found my acrylic stash. I always knew it was stored underneath the stairs (same closet as the storage tank. See above picture and imagine every inch crammed with boxes.) But, since it was out already, I've consoladated it into one big bag.

I found the start of this afghan, and proceeded to work on it over the weekend.

Yep, ugly, I know, but a good way to use up scraps doing a single crochet stitch, row-by-row, of different colors.

Here's some granny's daughters that I also found. They're also called Circles of Hope and can be combined to make afghans for charity. (I've made several baby ones, and they turn out cute.) Check out this website for more info.

I'm thinking of combining these with my scrappy afghan. What'll be the worst that will happen? It'll be ugly? Well that ship has already sailed. (Years ago I was involved in a crochet group that made afghans for Warm Up America. We had at least one blanket that we made that we hoped the recipient would be color blind. Is that bad?)

I have been doing a bit of knitting, also, which I hope to show you tomorrow.

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