Sunday, April 23, 2006

A sock and a half and a half

My small and lonely sock has been joined by a half sock and a half sock, done on a trip this weekend. The first half sock was heading towards completion when I ran out of yarn. I've been afraid to look for a new ball of the same color, because if I don't find it I'll have to do some creative striping.

The second half sock (ah, tiger yarn...) was started as far as the ribbing, but all the rest was done in the past 24 hours, mostly in the car. I've been loving the fact that I can knit in the car (when I'm not driving) without getting car sick (and believe me, so does my family. :)

(On a side note: the same knitting that can be worked on during meetings when things get tense can also be turned into weapons if need be. See all those sharp points? Just sayin'....but glad it wasn't needed. :)

Ugly Afghan Update:
Here's my ugly afghan with the addition of 2 rows of granny's daughters. I have plenty left over to add another set of rows when the time is right. (How can I tell? Good question....)

There's nothing that'll show off an ugly afghan to its full advantage than to take the picture agains a plaid couch!

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