Friday, September 16, 2011

Screaming UFOs

I tend to not have a lot of UFOs for this simple reason:

I can't stand them screaming at me.

They sit in their basket, or their bag, or in their corner on the coffee table and scream at me, "Hey, remember me? How about working on me today? Or, better yet, how about FINISHING me sometime, ok?"

The last time, to my recollection, that I worked on these gloves was Oct. 2009. At that time they were looking like gloves could fit the Jolly Green Giant. Two years (and much screaming) later, and they are done.






I used a different pattern and smaller needles and completely reknit them.

Now they don't fit a Jolly Green Giant, they fit me!

The variegated yarn was specially dyed by Ray from Knitivity. The pattern is Knotty, but I didn't do any of the cabling since I figured they wouldn't show up anyway.

Check out the weird white pooling, and the stripes on the fingers.

I still have leftovers, enough to do another pair of socks, if I wished. Also, all the old i-cord fingers are casualities. I might be able to use them in something (and you know how I hate to waste yarn.)

One less UFO to scream at me, and one old UFO to go.

P.S. Is the scrolling down (or up) of this blog particularly slow to you? Or is it just me?

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valéria said...

they look amazing!! They realy are just great and I still need to figure out to knit those gloves like you do ;) I will but I'm afraid it's going to be next year....
Valeria :)