Saturday, September 10, 2011


It's been a busy time since I last blogged... There are now 2 of our kids in high school, and both made their sports teams. DS#2 is on JV soccer and DD#2 is on V Field Hockey. There have been many, many practices already, plus the start of school with all their new assignments.

Plus, our weather has been rather unstable at best. We've have an earthquake, a tornado or two, a HURRICANE, several thunderstorms, and a torrential downpour. We were without power for 90 hours with the hurricane and lost a couple of trees, but no other damage. Today is sunny, and hopefully tomorrow will be also.

With all that, I haven't been knitting as much as you'd think, but I have been knitting. Awhile ago I decided to try dyeing yarn using Wilton's Icing Colors in black. It was supposed to fracture and create a multi-colored yarn as the colors struck at different heating points. And it did. Here it is in the beginning. I hung the yarn out the side so that it would dye just part of the yarn first. The problem?

The yarn was wet when it went in the crockpot and then leaked all over the floor. Lesson learned.

I stuffed the rest of the yarn in the crockpot and let it simmer for an hour or two and here's the result:

Definitely no black, although plenty of other colors. 

I made two skeins of the "black" yarn and used them to make a pair of longies.  Even though I dyed the yarn in the same dyebath, one skein definitely turned out darker as you can see below by comparing the two legs.  Next time maybe I need to stir more.

The longies knitted up quickly on my knitting machine, so I decided to make 2 more pair.   Actually, the easy knitting worked up quickly, and all the finishing work was still done by hand. 

All three pairs are a size 3T which is still needed in the baby house in Kaz.  The middle pair is using Patons Classic wool in Cognac heather, and the right pair is using green Patons Classic and brown Fisherman's wool.

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