Thursday, September 22, 2011


I"ve been working on a pair of Indulgence socks. They're not really indulgent, since they're just plain vanilla socks knit with 68 sts on size 1 square needles. However, Indulgence is the name of the yarn and it is super super sooooft. It's made up of 75% extrafine merino wool and 25% nylon which explains both the softness, and the fact that it should be durable considering the nylon.

With all the sporting events that I've been to, I'm finding that I need to have 2 socks on the needles at all times. I didn't have time to finish the heel before the next game so I had to start a new one.

It works pretty well since the other pair is using Patons Kroy on size 2s and I won't have to swap out needles. I might try to keep this up during the fall season, although I feel the sweater urge coming on...

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valéria said...

Wow you're on the roll with knitting socks aren't you? :) I'm happy to see it. I need to get going with some socks as well I'm too distracted by other things right now but seeing those great knitted socks I feel the itch in my fingers starting again :) so thanks for putting it up here and showing us what you've made :)
Valeria :)