Friday, May 06, 2011

Um....I might have bought some yarn...

I've been on a yarn buying frenzy lately. I'm pretty good about avoiding pricey yarn (except MDSW, and then it all goes out the window.) Sales are my downfall. Although, is it really a downfall when I'm buying a finite amount of yarn, most to be used for charity knitting, and I'm getting a good deal for it? I think not.

Whenever I get the itch to buy a skein or two, I like to check out eBay for some deals. I pick a yarn that's listed cheaply, make a bid that's not very high, and then don't re-bid in hopes that no one bids against me. Every now and then something slips by unnoticed by others and I get a good deal.

Like this sock yarn:

Two separate wins provided me with yarn for less than $6 per pair (including shipping. That's my limit. Hard to find, but exciting when I find it.) Four skeins of Patons Kroy sock yarn are on the left in varying colors of blue and green. Perfect for subtle striping. On the right are two skeins of Lang Jawoll Color, each enough for a pair.

Next, there was this incredible Elann sale on Naturally Alpine. Check it out, there's still some left! Each skein of worsted weight yarn is 364 yards and $4.79. I got enough for four sweaters in charcoal(or black? I can't remember), navy, loden, and red. (at least, I hope I got enough. I have this nagging feeling that I should have bought 1 more skein of each color, but isn't that always the case?)

Then, we made a trip to New York. At this point I didn't need any more yarn. And I told my husband so. But then, as we were driving around, he asked me, "Are you sure you don't want to go to Smiley's? It's just around the corner." I ask you, what would you do?

So I caved, jumped out of the car, and I shopped.

This is Filatura Lanarota Fashion Tweed, enough for a baby afghan. Not that I know anyone pregnant, I just want to make an afghan.

This is 6 skeins of Filatura Lanarota Fashion Toes, enough for 3 pairs of socks.

And that's it. No more yarn buying for awhile. (Okay, let's make that no more yarn buying after MDSW, since I already know what happened there.)

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