Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just keep knitting

I've never been one to go on a yarn diet. I figure as long as my yarn fits into the allotted space, then I'm good to go. I've also never really counted the number of skeins that I have, but this year I'm giving a half-hearted attempt to count the sock yarn.

Not all the yarn, mind you, just the sock yarn.

These are my full skeins:

32 of them. Most are 100gr but a few are 50 gr. One pair of socks are on the needles, so if you count them (and I'm going to, since they were started after the new year), then I have 34 skeins.

Plus these are my partials:

That's all the counting I'm going to do with that. This is about 2 gal. bags full. I hope to use up some of these bits and pieces.

My goal? I suppose to go down in the amount of yarn that I own. It'll be nice to see how it looks by the end of the year. It might go up, though, if I find a good sale. And that's okay, too, as long as I keep knitting.

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Lynn said...

Hmmmm, don't really see a problem with this. Talk to me when you hit 50! LOL