Friday, January 07, 2011


I totally missed my blogversary, so I'll just publish this and change the day like I remembered... Why should today be any different?

My first post was Jan. 5, 2005, so I've been blogging for 6 years! I didn't have much to say then (Hey! That's just like today!), but who knew I could keep blathering on for 6 years. Some of you have read this from the first day, and some have joined along the way, but to all of you I say a big

"Thank you!"

I appreciate the comments, and the suggestions, and the occasional pattern, (although I'm not sure what I would do with a hat with a beard!)(Wait, DS#2 might want that as he waits for his own to grow in.)(I know, TMI, don't tell him I wrote that, okay?)

The first picture was this poncho for my daughter:

Now she no longer plays with dolls. Sniff, sniff. I no longer knit and sell soakers (although my pattern is still for sale--see sidebar for Rav link), the dog is no longer around, and I rarely paint my nails. Or have nails.

Some things haven't changed, though. I'm still making socks and hats and oven mitts. I still wear my felted clogs, but not my shawl (very much). I still do a lot of knitting for me, but also do some knitting for charity. I haven't made any of these vests

for a long time, and CIC is not doing much collecting anymore, but I'm doing plenty of knitting for M4A.

I still burn dinner while writing these posts, and use them to avoid cleaning the house.

I've stopped changing the colors of the background, but still occasionally change the sidebar. (Have you checked out the Human Calendar? If you click on the daily picture, it takes you to the whole month calendar.)

I still cut and paste code and don't understand it at all, but haven't managed to ruin it beyond repair. (I also changed the month archive to list in backwards order. Don't ask me how... cut and paste, cut and paste.)

Thanks for being around and listening to my blather. (Hey, is that my dinner burning?)

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valéria said...

Happy blogversary, and I hope you keep on posting for at least another 6 years. I'm not a lot there but I love reading your blog and follow you and your knitting and other things you do. Need to do more I know...when IRL stops eating me I will post more I promise...