Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Since I last blogged, I've had time to play with my new toys.

My swift is beautiful. And swift.

It doesn't fit the two regular tables that I own, but it works good on this little end table.

I stopped winding at 3 skeins, but I could've continued for several more.

I've also started spinning the merino I got. It's spinning up very nicely and I seem to be making thinner singles, so the end result may be something closer to worsted. (That's my goal, anyway, but I'll be happy with whatever it turns out to be.)

I enlisted DH into taking some pictures of my square needles, since I couldn't quite show the "squareness".

These are much better.

You can feel the ridges when you first start using them, but after that they just knit like normal.

(The line of blue yarn is where I plan to put an afterthought heel, so I'm on the foot of the first one of these socks.)

I'd recommend these needles to anyone who wants a "unique" factor. The whole time I'm knitting with them I'm saying, "I'm knitting with square needles. Hehehehehe." (And if I'm talking to myself, then you should too!)

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